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Alfie Rouy explores ways of materialising the flow of versatile, fluid-like energies and frequencies that intertwine the mind with the Earth’s current phase of existence. Alongside this, there is a consistent narrative that pushes towards the evolution of Earth, the soul and the oneness of all.


Aiming to provide insight into this, Rouy’s paintings are defined by confined yet free-flowing forms expressing elements of polarity and unity through figurative and abstruse imagery. Here, displays of distorted figures and fractured yet balanced aspects of reality are accompanied by a formulated array of embellished colour amongst complimentary textural marks. Each of Rouy’s paintings is charged with a sense of energy and is made with the intention of depicting aspects of our existence and experience in an elusive and contorted manner.  At its core, Rouy's practice intends to uplift and transpose feelings of love, wisdom and unity onto the viewer.


Influenced by Hilma Af Klint’s work with De Fem in the early 1900s, Rouy initiates his creative process with automatic drawing. Created by following intuition, suppressing conscious control and calling upon outer influences to determine the outcome; the drawings intend to manifest a spiritual impression of whatever is being obtained in that given moment of creation. The automatic drawings are the precursor to a finished work and form the foundations of most of his practice. This process is an attempt to transcribe whatever is being received from either within himself or from an exterior source. This is done with the hope to depict a newer more authentic imagery that is better suited to humanity’s current state of consciousness. One which fits a new age, that although may echo traditional symbols in some ways, isn’t limited to the binds of previous interpretations that have been manipulated over centuries.

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